Jun Bei Liu on her high conviction investment strategy | Tribeca Investment Partners

In this episode, HM1 Chief Investment Officer Charlie Lanchester is joined by Jun Bei Liu. Jun Bei is the Portfolio Manager of Tribeca’s Alpha Plus Fund and since taking over managing the Fund, she has quadrupled AUM.

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November 28th, 2023

Discover the world of rare genetic disease research with Associate Professor Gina Ravenscroft | Harry Perkins

In this episode, we speak to Associate Professor Gina Ravenscroft. Gina is an Associate Professor in Neurogenetics at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research in Perth.

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November 21st, 2023

Equity Mates review the stocks pitched at the Sohn Hearts & Minds Conference

Bryce and Ren of Equity Mates attended the Sohn Hearts & Minds Conference and reviewed the stocks pitched by our new 2023 Conference Fund Managers.

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November 19th, 2023

Learn what makes a high conviction investment and how Magellan managers avoid short-term noise | Magellan

In this episode, our Core Fund Manager Magellan shares how they select top stocks for the HM1 portfolio.

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November 14th, 2023

Delve into the world of kids critical care and trauma research with Dr. Marino Festa | Kids Critical Care Research

In thie episode, we are joined by Dr. Marino Festa, or Rino for short. He is the Medical Director of NSW Kids ECMO Referral Service and a senior specialist in Paediatric Intensive Care at Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

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November 7th, 2023

Meet the 2023 Conference Managers

Following a rigorous global search, the Conference Fund Manager Selection Committee is pleased to share ten new managers for 2023. 

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November 2nd, 2023

Nine stock picks from some of Australia’s biggest fund managers

From garbage collection to race car manufacturing, nine fund managers at some of Australia’s largest investment firms have given their best stock picks for investors looking over the long term.

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November 1st, 2023

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