Hearts and Minds Investments Limited (HM1) is a unique listed investment company that was established in November 2018 with the combined objective of providing a concentrated portfolio of the highest conviction ideas from leading fund managers, whilst also supporting Australian medical research institutes.


Access The Best Minds

Get special access to world class fund managers who donate their time and intellectual property to HM1. The HM1 portfolio consists of high conviction recommendations from seven Core Fund Managers, along with stock picks from selected Conference Fund Managers at the annual Sohn Hearts & Minds Conference. Many of our selected managers are not accessible to retail investors, giving HM1 shareholders the opportunity to benefit from their best investment ideas through a single trade on the ASX. Learn more about our investment approach here.

Performance & Growth

HM1 seeks to maximise long-term returns to shareholders by investing in high conviction global equities, underpinned by a fully franked dividend yield.


Our fund managers provide their recommendations on a pro bono basis, enabling HM1 to waive typical management fees and instead donate to medical research, an amount equivalent to 1.5% of Net Tangible Asset value (NTA) per annum. This win-win model delivers investment returns to shareholders while also creating a sustainable funding source for our beneficiaries.

To date, HM1 has donated $48.9 million, making us one of Australia's Top 30 Corporate Philanthropists. This is made possible by the ongoing pro-bono commitment from our fund managers, Board, and many service providers.


Learn more about our history, including how we transformed the annual Sohn Hearts and Minds Conference into the Listed Investment Company (ASX: HM1) that it is today.