Partnership with Swinburne & Cooper Investors

Swinburne’s Centre for Human Psychopharmacology has received a further $1 million in philanthropic funding for their research, which will use the latest neuroimaging technology.

In summary:

  • Swinburne has received a transformational commitment of $1 million from Hearts and Minds Investments Ltd to support key mental health medical research
  • Funding will support programs to boost emotional intelligence (EI) in lower socioeconomic status primary and secondary schools, and explore the connection between the gut microbiome and cognitive decline
  • Researchers from Swinburne’s Centre for Human Psychopharmacology will blend fundamental research with the latest technologies to deliver key advances for mental health


Swinburne has signed a new agreement with Hearts and Minds Investments Ltd and Cooper Investors that will see a further $1 million invested into medical research by 2023. This takes the total investment from Hearts and Minds Investments Ltd to $1.7 million.

The gift will support research by Swinburne’s Centre for Human Psychopharmacology into improving emotional intelligence (EI) in schools, as well as the link between gut microbiome and healthy cognitive ageing.


Delivering lasting impact

Swinburne’s Centre for Human Psychopharmacology brings together institutions from around the globe and uses the latest technologies and research methodologies to develop new medicine and drive a new generation of medical research in Australia.

The research will apply scientific rigour and the latest technology to research biological determinants of cognitive health across one's lifespan. It will also include trials with Swinburne’s bespoke neuroimaging capability and interactive online research programs for participants.  The research supports Swinburne’s vision of bringing people and technology together to build a better world.

Swinburne’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Pascale Quester, says the benefits of the research, made possible by support from Hearts and Minds and Cooper Investors, will be felt for generations to come.

‘Swinburne is proud to be partnering with Cooper Investors and Hearts and Minds. This investment will support early career researchers and enable them to make real advances in key areas of health and medical research,’ Professor Quester says.

‘Blending human insight and endeavour with technology, this research will help understand how the health of our microbiome affects cognitive decline as we age, and we can explore how to drive school retention and performance through increased emotional intelligence.  It is vital research like this that is helping us achieve our vision of bringing humans and technology together to build a better world.’


Investing in our future

Since 2019, the philanthropic partnership between Swinburne and Hearts and Minds has contributed to the overall improvement of mental health, intuition and wellbeing of Australians.

CEO of Hearts and Minds Investments Ltd and Swinburne alum, Paul Rayson, says the organisation has a passion for growing sustainable, progressive partnerships, like the one with Swinburne.

‘Investing in research is investing in our future – a long-term investment into making the world a better place,’ Rayson says.

‘There are many quality of life issues that can be enhanced by a better understanding of human cognition, mood and behaviour. We see the world-class research conducted at Swinburne as having the potential to make a positive impact and lead to improved treatments and management of cognitive health,’ he says.

‘When it comes to medical research, everyone is hoping to get that breakthrough, which can be rare, but when you do get it – it has a huge benefit.’

Cooper Investors, that nominated Swinburne as a beneficiary for Hearts and Minds funds, said: ‘Philanthropy or the act of contribution is a core value at Cooper Investors.’

‘We recognise mental health as the health challenge of a generation and believe that, wherever possible, we should look to support institutions like Swinburne to conduct vital translational research in this area. We want to use our philanthropy program to support world-class research and programs to better the mental health of communities across the country.’



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