Prof Michelle Simmons AO | Sohn Hearts & Minds Conference

At this year's Sohn Hearts & Minds Conference, we heard from Prof Michelle Simmons. Michelle Simmons is the CEO and Founder of Silicon Quantum Computing and Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology in Sydney.

She is internationally recognised as the creator of the new field of atomic electronics. For over a quarter century, she has pioneered new technologies to manufacture computing devices in silicon atom by atom. Her work led to the invention of the first single atom transistor in 2012, and to the world’s first integrated circuit in silicon manufactured at the atomic-scale, which is now being commercialised as the basis for a new generation of quantum computers. Michelle’s discoveries are powering the transition from the digital to the quantum age, placing Australia at the forefront of the global race to develop a quantum computer. 

Michelle has received over 30 globally recognised awards over her career to date and is a passionate advocate and mentor for young scientists in Australia.

You can watch her presentation below.

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