Stock Story: Mastercard

Read the latest Stock Story from Magellan (Core Fund Manager) regarding one of one of our Core Holdings, Mastercard.

Mastercard is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. You may know Mastercard as the card in your wallet that can be used at merchants globally, or perhaps it’s from their memorable multi-decade ‘priceless’ marketing campaign. The network’s global penetration of nearly 100m merchants and 3.1 billion cards creates a seamless and ubiquitous payments experience that is ‘priceless’ to network participants, which makes it extremely valuable to shareholders.

Over the last decade Mastercard’s payment volumes, merchant network and card reach have more than doubled. This growth has generated attractive 15% annual compounded returns for shareholders. Portfolio Manager, Elisa Di Marco taps into the underlying layers that support the consistency and strength of the business. 

You can read the full stock story on Magellan's LinkedIn Newsletter here.


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