<p><span>Michael founded Social Ventures Australia in 2002, after 15 years as a co-founder and Executive Director of Macquarie Group&rsquo;s private equity arm, Macquarie Direct Investment. Having stepped down as CEO of Social Ventures in 2014, Michael currently has a range of primarily social purpose Chair and board roles including Chair of Goodstart Early Learning; Executive Director of For Purpose Investments, a Director of M H Carnegie &amp; Co, Sunsuper and a member of the Council of the National Museum of Australia.</span></p> <p><span>Michael is the author of &lsquo;<em>Jumping Ship &ndash; From the world of corporate Australia to the heart of social investment</em>&rsquo; which won the prestigious Ashurst Business Literature Prize. The book reflects on his personal and professional journey and has been a widely acclaimed manifesto for change and action in the social purpose sector. In 2010 Michael was made a member of the Order of Australia in recognition of his services to non-profit organisations.</span></p> <p><span>Michael holds a BA (Hons) from the University of Melbourne and an MBA from Harvard University.</span></p> 7 Michael Traill AM Director 5 Michael-Traill.png https://heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au/site/irmbiographyfile/7/MichaelTraill.png https://heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au/site/irmbiographyfile/7/thumbnail/MichaelTraill.png ShowBiographyDetailsXml https://heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au/site/showbiographylistxml.aspx?CategoryID=528&MasterPage=3&Page=1 false