<p>Rikki Bannan is an Executive Director at IFM Investors, a global fund manager with over $215bn of funds under management. As a Portfolio Manager in IFM Investors&rsquo; Small Caps fund, Rikki is responsible for investment decisions across the consumer discretionary,&nbsp; health care and technology sectors, as well as being actively involved in fund raising and investor engagement for the Small Cap product.</p> <p>&zwj;Rikki also sits on the Advisory Committee of HEAL Partners, a growth Private Equity fund focused on investments within the Health, Education and Lifestyle sectors.</p> <p>&zwj;Prior to joining IFM Investors in 2015, Rikki spent six years as a Senior Equities Analyst at Macquarie Bank. Over this time she held roles in the Equity Strategy team and as an Industrials Analyst.</p> <p>&zwj;Rikki is a Chartered Accountant and commenced her career in KPMG&rsquo;s Audit &amp; Assurance division. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance &amp; Accounting) from The University of Sydney.</p> 77 Rikki Bannan IFM Investors 20 Rikki Bannan.png https://heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au/site/irmbiographyfile/77/RikkiBannan.png https://heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au/site/irmbiographyfile/77/thumbnail/RikkiBannan.png ShowBiographyDetailsXml https://heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au/site/showbiographylistxml.aspx?CategoryID=563&MasterPage=3&Page=1 false