<p>Tom Naughton is the CIO and Managing Partner of Prusik Investment Management LLP. He joined Prusik in 2010 to launch the Prusik Asian Equity Income Fund (PAEIF) which, since launch, has outperformed the index by 4x, resulting in him winning multiple awards. PAEIF follows a research based, value biased approach to identify stocks that can sustain and grow their dividends over time, which means the upside potential is significant relative to downside risk. &nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p>Before joining Prusik, Tom was the CIO for Equities at PMA Investment Advisors in Hong Kong &ndash; a multi-strategy hedge fund. Tom received a BSc in Mathematics with Economics from University College London and has completed several ultramarathons across the globe.</p> <p>&zwj;Tom and his wife, Amanda, set up a Global Health Fund with the UCL Institute for Global Health (IGH) and they also fund a Mathematics Scholarship to enable students in financial need to pursue their postgraduate studies.</p> 85 Tom Naughton Prusik Investment Management 90 Tom Naughton.png https://heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au/site/irmbiographyfile/85/TomNaughton.png https://heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au/site/irmbiographyfile/85/thumbnail/TomNaughton.png ShowBiographyDetailsXml https://heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au/site/showbiographylistxml.aspx?Page=1 false